9 Kasım 2012 Cuma

love: horses, fire and water


Lifehouse(ft.Natasha Bedingfield)-Between The Raindrops

7 Ekim 2012 Pazar

the heart of an elephant

I want the heart of an elephant. They say that elephants die when their wife or husband dies. They die because of their broken hearts. They stop eating and lie down, crying and waiting for their death. They refuse the help from others.

Don't Love Me

Don’t love me, because I understand
The lie it would be
If i don’t deserve your love
Don’t love me, just stay one more day
Don’t love me, because I am lost
Because I changed the world, because it is destiny
Because it can’t be, we are a mirror
And since it is so you would be what I reflect of me
Don’t love me, in order to die
In a battle full of regrets
Don’t love me, in order to be on the ground, I want to open my wings
Don’t love me, I am begging you
Allow me to be bitter
Don’t love me, as I will make you suffer
With this heart that is filled with a thousand winters
Don’t love me in order to forget your grey days
I want you to love me only for loving me
Don’t love me, you and I will fly
The one with the other and will continue together forever
This love is like the sun that comes out after the storm
Like two comets on the same pathway
Don’t love me

14 Eylül 2012 Cuma

its over

Once you realize it was all a lie and all they were doing is lie and pretending the whole time you stop being sad and depressed. You start thanking that you aren't in that situation anymore. And all the good things you've had you don't regret any because you love yourself and you know it was you all along and it couldn't have been the other way. God save me from being a pretender to anyone and to myself.

12 Eylül 2012 Çarşamba

Last Night On Earth

Is there a song that makes you remember your old feelings? A song that makes you want to feel them again. A memory of a person maybe or a good day. Is there a song that makes you cry everytime you hear it, makes your heart beat faster? Well here is my song…

11 Eylül 2012 Salı

this heart

Have you ever met someone so new and so old. So new as the number of days together, the amount of time together. So old as like feeling that you know them your whole life. So old like they are sent by God. Like the words coming out from their mouth is only for you and are meant to be spoken. So old enough to make a new song known.So old that make your tears flow as you are with them. The moments that don't need the sight of the eyes but the sight of the heart. How you want to have those moments to last forever and have that feeling forever. Well in case I don't have this feeling for forever or ever I have a song to remind me those moments. How I felt and a reminder of that magical night.

28 Ağustos 2012 Salı

A little fragile

And we are always very fragile in our sweetest dreams. Its like the more we love the more we get weak. I’m not talking about the power that love gives or our loved ones. The power from feeling special. I’m talking about the way how our loved ones hurt us the most, how we feel when they’re gone. How we lay on them even if we try not to. How every little love grows into bigger ones with time and effort and how it gets us deep inside. How our very loved ones don’t understand us and leave us in a lost darkness. So, I feel very fragile when I love. I have expectations. I always do. I can’t stop myself from expecting. I guess I wouldn’t expect anything if I haven’t gave anything but I give and I always will give and I don’t believe in a life without giving, without sacrifice, without love and hurt.